Perm Motors Group Enterprises

Aviadvigatel OJSC

Developer of aero-engines for modern Il-96, Tu-204, Tu-214, Il-76MF and other aircrafts and of high-efficiency gas turbine units for power industry and gas pumping. It also develops gas turbine electric power stations.

Perm Engine Company OJSC

  Mass production of aero-engines for civil and military aviation and manufacturing of industrial gas turbines for electric power stations and gas transportation.

Reductor - Perm Motors OJSC

Production and delivery of helicopter gears and transmissions.  Technical support of helicopter gears operation, overhaul and local repair, spare parts delivery.  Production and delivery of industrial gears for gas turbine generating sets, gearboxes, case parts, shafts, gearwheels for aero engines of Perm Motors Group.

Motorservice - Perm Motors CJSC

Servicing of aero products of Perm Motors Group Enterprises in Moscow region, day-and-night maintenance of engines; overhaul (repair) of engines and gearboxes and increase of their operating life in accordance with orders placed by aviation companies of Near and Far abroad countries.

Metallist - Perm Motors CJSC

The main sphere of work is meeting the metallurgical needs of Perm Motors Group enterprises at the level of world standards. Production of work pieces and spare parts, all types of metal casting, hot forging, hot and cold forming, metal treatment, production of construction materials.

Instrumental Plant - Perm Motors CJSC

It is one of the leading enterprises in the Urals in the sphere of engineering, production and repair of non-standard measuring and technological tools and fitting. The prior direction of work is providing aero-space enterprises of Perm Motors with specialized tools and fittings.

REMOS - Perm Motors CJSC

It is one of the leading enterprises in Volga region and the Urals in the sphere of machine tool repair and non-standard equipment production. Repair, mounting and adjustment of engineering equipment of all types and brands. Execution of project & design works at all spheres of engineering and building.

Perm Motors OJSC

Management of long-term finance investment in subsidiaries and sub-companies. Development and implementation of activities aimed at improvement of production and manufactured products quality system. Implementation of parts and components of TV2-117AG and D-30F5 gas-turbine engines.

Energetic - Perm Motors OJSC

Providing Perm Motors Group Enterprise and companies of Perm and Perm region  with power, drinking and service water, low pressure compressed air, natural gas, heat and steam.  Services of electric-floor and special automobile transport. Delivery of gas for various application.

Zheleznodorozhnic - Perm Motors CJSC

Delivery and shipment of cargos from the secondary railways of this company and companies of Sverdlovsky region of Perm to Russian Railway main-line transport and back; supply and cleaning of carriages; loading and unloading of machines, equipment and materials; weighing of carriages.