Perm Motors Group Management Company

Perm Motors Group is a group of Perm aviation companies, which are united with a common brand "Perm Motors", common historical background and territory, and combined into a single production chain that covers the designing, development and serial production of aero-engines, gas turbines and gas turbine-driven generating sets, helicopter gearboxes and transmissions, as well as the product aftermarket support in service.

Perm Motors Group includes:

  • Design Bureau OJSC "Aviadvigatel",
  • OJSC "Perm Engine Company",
  • OJSC ""Reductor-PM",
  • CJSC "Motorservice-PM",
  • CJSC "Metallist-PM",
  • CJSC "Instrumental Plant-PM",
  • OJSC "Energetik-PM",
  • CJSC "Zheleznodorozhnik-PM" and others.

Key Directions of Perm Motors Group companies business:

  • Development and serial production of up-to-date gas turbine engines for civil and military aviation, among which is only the one state-of-the-art engine in Russia - PS-90A aero-engine and its modifications models for competitive Russian aircraft: IL-96-300, IL-76MF, Tu-204, Tu-214, and modified transport aircraft of IL-76 family.
  • Designing, serial production, turn-key construction and commissioning of gas turbine machinery:
    • gas turbines for gas pumping compressor stations and gas underground storage ranging from 10 MW to 25 MW
    • gas turbine drives of generators of power plants ranging from 2.5 MW to 25 MW
    • gas turbine-driven, modular-type, ease-transportable genset rated at 2.5, 4, 6 MW.
  • Development and serial production of large range of gearboxes for aviation and industrial applications.
  • Production of reliable transmissions and clutches for compressor, pumps and electric generator driving.
  • Manufacture of parts and components for D-30, TV2-117, D-30F6, PS‑90A aero-engines.
  • Repair, warranty and line maintenance of gas turbine machinery.
  • Development of advanced powerful frame gas turbines ranging from 65 MW to 250 MW for power generation.
  • Production and engineering services.